Why we are updating our website
brought to you by our founding couple

Knives Inclusive
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Well, I am here to tell you what has happened to us and our website - "Knivesinclusive.com" It has evolved and we find it is necessary to evolve with it if we are going to succeed in the marketplace called E commerce. We thought that a website that gave folks the opportunity to buy quality knives at reasonable prices was a good idea. So, we built one that promoted just that and provided sections for fishing, hunting, camping, kitchen, and pocket knives. We wanted to reach as many people as possible and give them a good quality knife for their interest.

However, what we found out was - that he leading type of knives we were selling was, by far, kitchen knives and cutlery sets! It was not even close, so - common sense says " duh! concentrate your efforts on what is working best and improve that area of your website!" So, that is what we are going to do!

Over the next few months, there will be a gradual change from trying to have something for everyone, to having a terrific site that will focus on knives used around the home. Instead of separate pages for hunting and fishing and camping, we are going to have separate pages for Kitchen Cutlery, Individual Kitchen Knives, and Steak Knives. Please check back with us often and see how we evolve. We are doing it to serve the needs of our customers better and we hope you enjoy the changes.

By the way, we have an Ebay store where we will still have some of the best knives for fishing and hunting and camping. The link direct to our Ebay store is: raysbeststore.storefrontpro.com

Come see us there too!